Pink bouquets
Thank you, mom
My thoughts belong to you
Tender and romantic
Blossoming meadow
I dream about you
Nine Parables of Love

659 Kč

Sweet surprise
Celebration of love
Original and fresh
Rose tenderness
You are my only one
Morning's dawn
Captivating beauty
Only for You, mom
Summer romance
For festive occasions
Touch of Tenderness
Elegant And Magnificent
Summer fragrance
A gift from summer garden
Beauty for every day
Kiss from roses

929 Kč


489 Kč

Lovely surprise
Lovely melody
Sunny again tomorrow
Little hug
Pure joy
Pure joy

799 Kč

Oriental queen
Pastel romance
Big hug
Big hug

499 Kč

Rose treasure
Blooming May meadow
The charm of exotics

Tenderness of pink bouquets

Pink color represents love, tenderness and cohesion. It is a true caress of the soul. It is suitable for women and girls of all ages. By sending a pink pugete to them you express your empathy and how you care about them.

Giving a pink bouquet is the most splendid flower present which you can donate. Pink color expresses not only love, tenderness and care, but is also a synonym to the acceptance and self-acceptance. Pink flowers always look great and fit for most of the occasions. One of the most popular floral colors for women.

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