Vase cleanliness

Please put delivered flowers in your office or home into a suitable container / vase. Choosing the right shape, size and color combination is important in order to highlight the beauty and shape of the bouquet. Use of clean container / vase is very important for the bouquet to remain fresh and beautiful as long as possible. Clean container prevents growth of bacteria which then cause rapid withering of flowers.  Tít is recommended to wash the vase in a dishwashing machine or use a few drops of chlorine while manually cleaning the vases. This will make cleaning easier and disinfection more effective. If you intend to use a metallic container instead of the traditional glass or ceramic we recommend to use plastic or glass-made lining.


The best care for Your flowers

Do not forget to provide your flowers with necessary nutrition! A free nutrition sachet is provided with every delivered bouquet. This trusted nutrition agent is important to be used in particular during the summer months.  Apart from flower and greenery nutrition it also hinders growth of bacteria and thus enhancing longevity of the bouquet!


How to preserve the bouquet in top condition

To preserve the bouquet in its beauty and elegance do not remove the ribbon or the bast used to tie the bouquet. Flowers tied together last longer and you will also preserve the shape of the bouquet. It is recommended to remove all leaves submerged into water and also fallen blossom. If they would remain in the water the withering will be accelerated.


Stems need to be cut

Prior to placing the bouquet into the vase it is necessary to cut-off the ends of stems slantwise with a sharp knife. Scissors are not good for this purpose as they crush the stem and flowers are not able to absorb water through damaged ends. If zou wih to arrange branches, use rose scissors or a very sharp knife.


Placement of the bouquet

Long endurance of the bouquet is also very dependent on its location. Sunny places are not very suitable since flowers in such places lose more water than they are able to absorb through their stems. A rapid withering follows. The best place for a flower bouquet is a cooler location with lots of shade.


Daily refreshment

Especially during warm and sunny days it is advised to check the water level in the vase on a daily basis, during very warm days it is recommended to change the water in the vase daily. Do not forget to clean the inner surfaces of the vase and to add nutrition agent.


Flowers and fruits

Fresh fruits should not be placed near the flower bouquet. Released ethylene causes faster maturing of blooms and endurance of the entire bouquet is then considerably shorter than it could be. Intensive smoking in the room where the bouquet is placed causes thanks to ethylene faster withering.