Easy and comfortable shopping with Fleurop


Shopping at our internet store is easy, however here is a brief manual how to proceed when shopping with us:


  1. Selection of a product

Selection of individual bouquets will be made easier thanks to tabs Bouquets and Occassions located on the upper part of the webpage. By clicking on these links  you will find various categories of bouquets and various types of occasions which may be helpful when nding the right bouquet for you.


  1. Detailed information about a product

Clicking on the image or the name of the bouquet you will be sent to webpage of the selected bouquet, where you will find detailed information about this product. Product description, order code and price is listed as well. All prices stated on the webpage are final prices, i.e. including standard delivery to the address of the recipient.


  1. Ordering bouquet delivery

If you want to have the bouquet delivered please state in the field “Delivery” the relevant date. In the field “Fill in location” please type in the name of the city including the postal code. You may use our intuitive suggestions. In the field Amount please state the number of bouquets  you wish to purchase and by clicking on “Continue” you will proceed to further steps of the ordering process.


  1. Reviewing the shopping basket

You will see your shopping basket with an overview of ordered goods (name, amount, price). Please proceed to ordered with the button „ Order “.


  1. Recipient data input

In this step you will see an order form to fill out data about the recipient of the bouquet (name address, postal code, phone number). Items marked with an asterisk are mandatory. In the event that the recipient ay not be reached at the address by checking the item field “Deliver the order to the neighbours” you agree with bouquet being handed over to a neighbour. Checking the option “Take the order back to the shop” the bouquet will be taken back to the flower shop that has prepared the bouquet. The recipient shall then pick up the bouquet at the florist shop. For successful delivery we strongly recommend to state the time range when recipient will be reachable at the delivery address.


  1. Personal message

In the right hand side of the form please fill out the field “Text on greeting card” with your penal message that will be delivered together with the bouquet. Please do not forget to sign the card by filling out the field “Signature” and then click on the button Add a card. The card ill appear on the list as a separate item with zero value. If you do not wish to add a card  proceed by clicking on the button “Do not add a card”. The form will be completed clicking on “Continue” button.


  1. Your data

In the following step choose one oft he options. If you are an already registered customer, please choose the option “Login to my account” and your data will appear preselected. All you need to do is choose the option how you want to be notified about delivery of the bouquet – by SMS text message or by a message to your email address. By checking your consent with our Terms and Conditions you will proceed by clicking on the button “Continue to payment”. If you are not yet registered you may continue as a guest by choosing the button “No account”. You will then need to fill out all requisite fields including your consent with out Terms and Conditions  and then proceed by clicking on the button “Continue to payment”.  


  1. Payment

Please carry out payment for ordered goods by choosing between the options for payment by card and payment via PayPal.


  1. Order confirmation

You will receive a confirmation of Your order with its complete overview to the e-mail address that you have included in the order form.



We are ready to help you on our customer line +420 792 487 101. Please do not hesitate to contact us!  Our customer line is here for you during the following business hours:

Mo - Fr : 8.30 -17.00 hours

Sa : 9.00 -11.00 hours