Privacy and personal data protection


The Buyer hereby grants the Seller a consent with processing of personal data in accordance with relevant provisions of the Act No. 101/2000 Sb. Personal Data Protection Act, as amended, for the purpose of maintaing a database its customers. By processing is understood in particular gathering, storage on data carriers, use, storage, sorting and transmission of personal data of the Buyer. Personal data shall be processed by employees of the Seller. By personal data is understood in particular name, surname, permanent residential address, etc.


This consent with processing of personal data is granted by the Buyer voluntarily. The Buyer is entitled to request information from the Seller concerning the processing of its personal data. Should the Buyer gain impression that its personal data is processed inaccurately, the Buyer is entitled to ask the Seller for clafication or deman remedy of such situation. The Buyer has the right to access its personal data and right to its correction. This consent is granted for a period of 5 years from the moment of data being transmitted with the order of the Buyer.


The Buyer expressly agrees with electronic storage and processing of its data for the purpose of perfomance of a contract and further for purposes of mrketing and information concerning business fields of the Seller. Mailing of informaton is possible to be done via post, e-mail, in the form of a newsletter and/or a SMS message. The Buyer may withdraw its consent at any time..