Flowerbox arrangement
Love´s lure
Love´s lure

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Poetry of pink flowers
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Touch of Tenderness
From the bottom of my heart
White floral dreaming
The essence of joy
Magic and colorful
For a moment of joy
Nine Parables of Love
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Flowerbox - yes or no?

Today, it is no longer the case that a flowerbox, or flower arrangement in a box, is a suitable gift only for young girls and women. The box, in which live cut flowers are inserted into the green material in a design, looks modern and fresh, and you can give it to women of any age, who appreciate novelties and fresh surprises. Arranged flowers in a box will last a long time due to the fact that the material is impregnated with a sufficient amount of water and nutrition. A box placed on a dining or office table will make you look great and it is very easy to care for. After 3 days, carefully pour the material under the flowers and gradually remove the wilted flowers. Our flower boxes have the substance placed in a plastic tub, so you don't have to worry about the box being damaged by water.

Flowerbox is a great floral gift that will both surprise and delight. The box, filled with live cut flowers, looks very decorative on the table and the flowers stay fresh and fresh in it for a long time. In addition to a beautiful arrangement, which is different from a bouquet, the recipient does not have to deal with the dilemma of which type of vase fits best. If you want to impress, send a floral flowerbox as a surprise.