Fleurop brand


Fleurop was founded in 1908 in Berlin. Florist Max Huebner formulated the idea that flowers may not be transferred, only orders. Orders will be delivered by the best local florists that are closest to the flower gift recipient.

We think globally, operate locally - that's the basic idea of ​​Fleurop's business concept.

Today, after more than 100 years, Fleurop-Interflora is one of the world's largest and most famous brands. It works with 50,000 florists in the world and delivers in 150 countries around the world. It delivers up to 25,000,000 orders each year.

Fleurop in the Czech Republic

Our network consists of selected florists that have passion for floral art and professionalism. Fleurop company supports the craftmanship of local florists. This is why we can guarantee your maximal satisfaction and unique style of tied bouquet. We cooperate with renowned florists, for example with Mrs. Bubeníčková, Mr. Milt, with Mrs. Lucie Kulmanová, Daniela Sedliska or Jarmila Pejpalová and many others.

At www.fleurop.cz you will find a diverse range of bouquets created specifically for the Czech market. In addition to the regular offer, we also regularly update the seasonal offer. You will find a wide variety of flowers for every occasion. Just choose. We will ensure that only a few hours pass from ordering the bouquet to its delivery.

Our values

  • Freshness and quality

By ordering us, you are betting on the excellent quality of the flowers used and their freshness. Tied bouquet is always beautifully arranged.

  • Top floristics

Fleurop is an exclusive flower delivery service that appreciates the skill, invention and diligence of its selected florists. We choose the best local florists and support their floral art.

  • Professional floristics

Bouquets for the gifted will arrive at the desired date. It is handed over by a specially trained florist. Handing over a flower is associated with a strong emotional experience.