Yellow Bouquets
Flower award
Poetry of a summer day
Thank you!
Messengers of optimism
Magic and colorful
For a moment of joy
Great mood
Great mood

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1 439 Kč

Original and fresh
Summer breeze
A gift from summer garden
I like you so much
Scent of lilies
Sunny again tomorrow
Little hug

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Doprava zdarma
Our condolences

Glow of yellow bouquets

Yellow bouquets support the development of intellect, concentration, and organizational skills. Yellow is a noble color that you can give to all everyone who loves playfulness, change and travelling. The yellow bouquet reliably breaks the symbolic "ice" in any relationship - either personal or business. 

Yellow bouquets are wild, playful and vivid. The yellow bouquet is suitable for all lovers of bright and jolly colors. The yellow color can revive and brighten every interior. Surround yourself with the warm beams of golden flowers!