Refund policy and reclamation


Unless stipulated otherwise in this Art. 6 hereof, claims from defective performance in connection to delivery of Goods (hereinafter also as the „claim“) may be asserted by the Buyer as well as the Recipient of Goods (hereinafter also as the „claiming person“).

Defects consisting of obviously damaged Goods in discrepancy of Goods in the form of insufficient number of pieces or incorrect composition which are apparent in the moment of delivery is necessary to be asserted with Seller without undue delay, no later than 1 calendar day.

Claim may be asserted via telephone within the business hours of the customer line of the Seller or at any time via e-mail using contact information stated in Art. 1 of the GTC.

Claiming person has to identify Goods, describe the defect in question, state the order number, date of delivery and contact email address.

As a defect is not considered in the aforementioned context a gradual and natural loss of aesthetic properties of Goods implying from the specific nature of Goods in accordance with Art. 2.2 of GTC. 

The Seller shall not be held liable for defects of Goods resulting from intentional or negligent actions of the Recipient, incl. handling of Goods in an unsuitable manner due to nature, function and properties of Goods as well as a result of lack of due care (exposure of flowers to inadequate climatic conditions, chemical agents, lack of water/dampness and nutrition etc.).

The Seller without undue delay, no later than at 10 am of the next working day shall confirm to the claiming person acceptance of the claim in question by sending a message to an e-mail address listed with the claim. The claim itslef including its settlement shall be decided upon and notified to the claiming person using the means described in previous sentence no later than 3 working days. Claiming person ackowledges that due to specific nature of goods described in Art. 2.2 hereof, only an adequate discount from the price of defective Goods may be provided as a compensation in case of a legitimate claim.

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