Get well
Thank you, mom
Just say thank you
Flower award
Messengers of optimism
Summer fragrance
Blossoming meadow
Tender and romantic
Only for You, mom
Summer romance
I dream about you
Kiss of the muse
Sweet surprise
Good news messenger
Summer gast
For your happiness
Tender and charm
Warm sunbeams
Happy birthday
Flower dreams
Thank you so much
In the embrace of flowers
Pastel merriment
Happy smiles
Happy smiles

1 369 Kč

Power of pure elegance
The most beautiful gift
Flatter with a flower
Floral greetings
Great mood
Great mood

1 259 Kč


659 Kč

Original and fresh
Morning's dawn
Captivating beauty
Harmony in yellow
For festive occasions
Guardian angel
Touch of Tenderness
A gift from summer garden
In thoughts with you
Fiery Bouquet
Say It Through Flowers
Beauty for every day
Flower icon
Butterflies in stomach
Simply the best
Pure joy
Pure joy

699 Kč

Thank you from my heart
Little hug
Oriental queen

429 Kč

Scent of lilies
Cool breeze
Lovely surprise
Sunny again tomorrow

Get well soon wish expressed by bouquet

Whether it is a flu, a recovery or a longer hospital stay, let the sick know that you are thinking of him/her and send a beautiful, fragrant bouquet. Flowers have the power to elevate mood and harmonize the environment in which they are placed. The positive healing effects are undoubtedly enhanced by the attached message - get well soon. Our florists will prepare the bouquet with loving care and deliver it the required destination.

A sick person immediately perks up a bit when being gifted by a gorgeous bouquet or an elegant flower arrangement. Opt for one of these beautiful pieces. Difficult to choose? Go for the seasonal bouquet collection, made by your local top-quality florist. You will find the right one!

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