Flowers per post
For you only
Magnificent rose tulips
Good news messenger
Luxuriously beautiful
Happy birthday
Lovely message
Flower dreams
Thank you so much
Dreamy bouquet
Spring is in the air
Royal white lilies
Pastel lure
Power of pure elegance
For the best friend
Luxurious lila tulips
Lila Tulips
Lila Tulips

1 099 Kč

Colorful wonder
You are so sweet
Good luck
Good luck

759 Kč

Caress with roses
In thoughts with you
Colorful ranunculus
Pleasure moments
Sincere thanks
Variety of freesias
I like you so much
Dreaming in white
Polite greetings
Sunny again tomorrow
Colorful tulips
For my dearest
Pure joy
Pure joy

799 Kč


799 Kč

Love messenger
Heartfelt greeting
Kiss me
Kiss me

169 Kč

Scent of lilies
Cool breeze
Simply the best
Thank you from my heart
Oriental queen
Lovely melody

499 Kč

Rose treasure
Little hug
Lovely surprise
Pastel romance
Big hug
Big hug

369 Kč

Pink tulips
White tulips

Flowers by post

Celebration was canceled? Can't you go to some event personally? At least you can send flowers! Flowers in a special cardboard package can be delivered to any location in the Czech Republic. Cardboard package is designed to protect the flowers so that they arrive in a perfect condition. Their nutrition is taken care of by a fresh bag that moisturizes their stems and gives flowers moisture and nutrition. Both the cardboard package and the fresh bag have eye-catching graphic designs. This is why the flowers come as a beautifully wrapped gift. Nutrition for flowers is included. Delight your beloved by a splendid gift that you only transfer to a vase!

Would you like to send flowers to someone quickly, safely and reliably? Flowers in a special cardboard package are the solution. The courier delivers the flowers to any place in the Czech republic. Flowers will arrive 100% fresh thanks to the special irrigation wrap.