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Amarylis – elegantní vánoční dárek

Christmas time is a time of contemplation and realization of true human values. When else than at this time is it appropriate to tell all the people close to us that we appreciate everything they do for us and what they mean in our lives. For such a message, amaryllis - a soaring, decorative and elegant flower - is an absolutely excellent choice. Whether you choose only one tall stem or rather a round Christmas amaryllis arrangement, you won't go wrong in either case. Amaryllis is exactly the right thing for creating a Christmas atmosphere, and with proper care, it will make the recipient happy for 14 days. Choose the color according to the recipient's preferences and interior. Does he like the old Bohemian type of Christmas or does he prefer a modern design? In the first case, go for red or soft orange with the decoration of forest twigs. In the second case, choose pure white amaryllis, decorated with maximum greenery. We wish you a wonderful Christmas time surrounded by beautiful fragrant flowers!

Just as the color red is inherently associated with Christmas, red amaryllis is one of the top flowers that we give to our loved ones at Christmas time. This flower, originating from South America, also has white and orange flower variants, but the red color clearly leads in popularity. This magical, majestic-looking flower will amaze any recipient. It is magnificent on its own and does not need any decoration. However, it is also suitable for mixed Christmas bouquets, where it is often complemented by forest branches and shiny Christmas decorations. This decoration on the table evokes an unmistakable Christmas atmosphere and should not be missing from your place either!