Mother´s day
Thank you, mom
My thoughts belong to you
Tender and romantic
Blossoming meadow
The most beautiful gift
I dream about you
Nine Parables of Love

659 Kč

Sweet surprise
Celebration of love
Original and fresh
Rose tenderness
You are my only one
Morning's dawn

Mother´s day bouquet

Who would deserve beautiful bouquet more than our great moms? Mother's Day is celebrated on 12.5. We deliver flowers to your mothers' hands, no matter if it is working day, Sunday or state fest. Don't forget to add your loving message. Your gift would be perfect. 

Our moms are simply great. They give us with their care and love. Do we tell them often enough how  we appreciate them? A beautiful bouquet, carefully made by the best florists, will express your affectionate "THANK YOU" without further words.

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