Advent wreath
Original and fresh

A lit Advent candle will warm your home!

Advent wreaths are plentiful these days, and many women like to make this decoration with their own hands according to their own taste and character of living. A typical Advent wreath is made of juniper, is decorated with various forest or shiny decorations and has the shape of a circle with 4 red candles. More modern styles present a wreath in an elongated or square shape, in terms of material, wicker, ceramics, glass or even a gingerbread body is used. There are no limits to imagination. In terms of color, all possible color combinations can be created, starting with the colors of the candles and ending with various decorations and the type of body. Beautify and cozy up your spaces, but above all, enjoy the Christmas time royally!

Probably none of us can imagine Christmas without an Advent wreath. The Advent wreath is not only a beautiful Christmas decoration that beautifies and makes our home cozy, but also an important Christian symbol of the Christmas season, when one candle is lit every Sunday and the weeks count down to Christmas Day, when the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Concentrate on Christmas contemplation and leave the worry about the Advent wreath to us. We will deliver the wreath to your apartment or office address!