For women
Thank you, mom
Just say thank you
Loving hug
Flower award
Messengers of optimism
My thoughts belong to you
For you only
Summer fragrance
Gift for my beloved
You are my only one
Blossoming meadow
Tender and romantic
Always thereabouts
Only for You, mom
Summer romance
Summer day charme
I dream about you
Make a wish
Kiss of the muse
Sweet surprise
Good news messenger
Summer gast
Majestic peonies
For your happiness
Tender and charm
Warm sunbeams
Luxuriously beautiful
Flower dreams
Happy birthday
Thank you so much
Royal bouquet
In the embrace of flowers
Pastel merriment
Happy smiles
Happy smiles

1 369 Kč

Power of pure elegance
Royal elegance
The most beautiful gift
Matter of the heart
Flatter with a flower
Floral greetings
Nine Parables of Love
Love overcomes even mountains
Great mood
Great mood

1 259 Kč


659 Kč

Red cavalier
Red cavalier

1 749 Kč

Happy Birthday my love
Celebration of love
Original and fresh
Rose tenderness
Morning's dawn
Pink dreaminess
Captivating beauty
For my beloved
Floral enthusiasm
For festive occasions
You are so sweet
Good luck
Good luck

624 Kč

For the most beautiful woman
Guardian angel
For The Queen Of Your Heart
Caress with roses
Touch of Tenderness
Elegant And Magnificent
A gift from summer garden
In thoughts with you
Say It Through Flowers
Fiery Bouquet
Beauty for every day
Kiss from roses
The uniqueness of liliums
White sensuality
Sincere thanks
Butterflies in stomach
I like you so much
Dreaming in white
Polite greetings
Joy In Red & White
Hot summer rays

429 Kč

Scent of lilies
Cool breeze
Simply the best
Lovely surprise
Kiss me
Kiss me

129 Kč

Little hug
Sunny again tomorrow
For my dearest
Oriental queen
Pure joy
Pure joy

699 Kč

Love messenger
Big hug
Big hug

299 Kč

Pastel romance
Lovely melody

849 Kč

Rose treasure

Unconventional bouquet for women

Are you not sure about choosing the right flower for a gifted woman? Do you prefer to choose tied bouquets or arrangements in a box? If you know what colors and types of flowers your dear loves, do not guess but bet on certainty - you want to make your darling happy. You can also choose by type of occasion or by type and color of interior. Anniversary bouquets should be larger than the flower for the name-day. For modern and unusual interiors, extravagant bouquets are more suitable than mixed round bouquets. Bouquet of roses have always been traditional and one of the best choice. Don't worry, it is not possible to make a mistake when choosing bouquet of roses, this lovely bouquet will delight really each woman!

Do you agree with us that a woman needs to be pampered? It is even said that according to the smile of a woman you can recognize successful man. Delight your beloved woman by our Fleurop bouquets, it is very easy to do, just with a few clicks of the mouse.

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